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Plasma Torch




Technical characteristics of Wuhan Tianhe plasma ignition system

Wide coal adaptability.

                        Combustion effect comparison figure of different plasma power output


Note: the laboratory used pulverized coal (analysis of Hubei Power Science Research Institute): Aad=31.1% and Vdaf=17.04%.


High burn-out rate.

Reach to 80% to 85% burn-out rate at the initial ignition stage of cold furnace and can effectively avoid risk of explosion of furnace;

Capacity to meet the temperature rise and pressure rise curve of the boiler.

Under the condition that the coal concentration of primary air in the burner is less than 1:0.20kg/kg, Tianhe PICS can ensure the reliable ignition, which can ensure the control of the temperature rise and pressure rise process of the boiler, and avoid fast temperature rise in the boiler.

The product is mature and the system operates stably and reliably.

The product is more intelligent, can ensure the safe operation of boiler during the ignition and stable combustion of the boiler. Most of the power plants using Tianhe plasma ignition system realized oil-free ignition and stable combustion.









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