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    Wuhan Tianhe Technology Co., Ltd. is a high and new-tech enterprise registered in Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan and a subsidiary of Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd. under management of China Huadian Corporation. Tianhe Technology is committed to research, development and application of technologies and core equipment related to green energy and circular economy and offering energy-saving and emission reduction solutions in energy conversion and chemical engineering process. Tianhe Technology mainly engages in: research, development, system integration supply, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, personnel training and technical consultation of plasma ignition and stable combustion system of pulverized coal boiler (including W-shape flame furnace), optimization of boiler combustion, low NOx combustion optimization, zero-emission technology of waste water from de-sulfurizzation system, new energy power generation, solid wastes treatment, chemical cleaning technology of boiler soot, chemical coating technology of boiler heating surface tubes, mechanical-electronic equipment and process system. 

    Tianhe Technology has condensed its core culture of “value, constant faith, innovation and precision”, set up management structure complying with modern enterprise system and is strictly implementing ISO9001 quality management system. Sound rules and regulations and good enterprise culture help form a high quality team who are pioneering, innovative, delight in devotion and self-valuing and have strong sense of responsibility, thus forming advantages in talents, technology, market and management. 

    Under the guidance of overall development concepts of “being led by technology, balanced development, system guarantee and steady and high-speed development”, Tianhe Technology will actively strive, seek innovation, be pragmatic, operate soundly and continuously strengthen the company’s core competitiveness to provide newer technologies, better products and higher quality projects for the clients. 






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